BF collor

Zara Spooks

1st body(nose tie, gold eye, clear belly) , 1st body(yellow belly, gold stencil)
1st body(yellow belly, black stencil) , 1st body(white eye, black stencil)
2nd body , 2nd body(reinforced rig)
3rd body(chin tie, no hole in the nose,white eye) , 3rd body(gold eye)
Ebsco  Zara(chin tie, no hole in the nose, fat body)

with propeller

Wounded Spook(white eye) , Darting Zara(gold eye)
Wounded Spook(gold eye, clear belly) , Dying Flutter
Wounded Spook(gold eye, yellow belly, factory 2nd) , Baby Torpedo
Tiny Torpedo(white eye) , Tiny Torpedo(gold eye)
Blush Popper

With metal parts

210 Surface(wood) , 210 Spook
Crazy Crawler(triple painted eye)
Tiny Crazy Crawler(triple painted eye) , Tiny Crazy Crawler(white eye)
River Lunt Spook(sinker)


Luny Frog(this is not BF color)
Lucky13(gold eye, white belly) , Lucky13(white eye, yellow belly)
Baby Lucky13 , Tiny Lucky13(gold eye), Tiny Lucky13
Tiny Chugger , Tadpolly(gold eye)
Baby Zara(gold eye,black shade) , Baby Zara(white eye)